Missing Organs

Old Speakers

Missing Organs is Tristan Bath, a British musician and writer based in Vienna, Austria. Old Speakers deploys a bottomless variety of instruments, beats, and techniques, all refined and rewritten —somewhat accidentally— into a document of the period of personal and international upheaval during which they came to life. Old Speakers is his Brexit album; a document of the dread, quiet chaos, and bitterness in European society which came to the surface in 2016. Field recordings and improvisations formed the basis of the music, including mountain winds from Upper Austria, a violin furiously scraped on a paranoid evening in South London, rusty ferry engines between Canary Islands, and melodies haphazardly sketched out on lengthy journeys over the continent. As a sonic diary Old Speakers is necessarily filled with fleeting thoughts and psychedelic jump cuts, assembled around industrial strength beats and rusty structures into a bleak journey through the psyche of the artist.

Hand-numbered cassette limited edition of 105 copies on pro-dubbed chrome tape. Packaged in a cardboard box of 100% recycled stock and download coupon.

01 Gauche / 02 Doorway / 03 Blood Factory / 04 Hatching 1B / 05 Hatching 2A / 06 Falten / 07 Bridges / 08 Hamlet Funk / 09 Livin’ off wifi / 10 Tiny Rider / 11 To the Headland