M. Geddes Gengras

Two Variations

Two Variations marks the return to Umor Rex of the Los Angeles based musician & producer M. Geddes Gengras, following his two volumes of “Collected Works” from 2013 and 2014. The two pieces here are the result of Gengras’ continuous exercises and obsession with his modular synthesizer, —technique apart—, “Two Variations” is a new statement, the reinforcement of MGG’s prowess in this area, and how through these machines, he is able to build harmonic music pieces, contours between the electronic collage and concrete music.

‘The first side of this tape is an edit of the first two run-throughs of a patch that I had been conceptualizing for a while before I majorly rearranged my system to accommodate this obsession. Four voltage-controlled oscillators (Make Noise Music STOs) are controlled by the output of a four-stage shift register (synthtech e102) which takes a single sequence of voltages and distributes them (in the style of a round) across the four voices. The e102 is being fed a long sequence from an Antimatter Audio Brainseed. A single clock controls the sequence speed, the shift register’s ‘action’, and a gate sequencer (Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor operating in a probability mode) which in turn activates four AD envelopes (Intellijel Quadra) to open the four channels of a Make Noise Quad Multi-Mode Gates module which is mixing the four voices of the VCOs. The ‘delay’ in the shift register (essentially how many clock pulses it takes for a note to advance to the next output) is modulated by random voltage from a Make Noise Wogglebug. The end result is two pairs of marimba mallets attached to a pair of dice. The b-side is a soundboard recording of a performance utilizing this patch, among others, from the same period.’

Released in a hand-numbered edition of 110 copies on pro-dubbed chrome tape, packaged in silkscreened cardboard box with an insert and a download coupon.

01 03.06.15 / 02 04.10.1503