Nocturnes (2nd Edition)

“Nocturnes”, the debut LP by Driftmachine was originally released in June 2014 and sold out quickly upon release. The second edition is on blue-transparent vinyl, and comes with revised black artwork (to differentiate it from the black wax & blue jackets of the first ed). “Nocturnes” 2nd Edition is sold out.

“There’s an impeccable symmetry […]  intertwine electronic patterns that don’t quite belong together, creating a palpable sense of tension in the process […] is all gutter dreams and evasive glances across rainy late-night streets, charged by a post-club atmosphere that suggests the heavy thwack of real life coming back into view.” — Pitchfork

“…redefines the lines between insomnia and slumber, is the dancing flicker of a bedside lamp by eerie electronics that will carry through the dark night.” — Dublab

With “Nocturnes”,  Driftmachine have created a psychoactive, dream-inducing stimulant of sorts: Evoking and maintaining a trancelike state, the duo’s six-part journey into the dark was originally inspired by reading “The Rest Is Noise” and listening to the music discussed in Alex Ross’ seminal book. The resulting soundscapes, redefine the lines between insomnia and slumber, between wraithlike dub grooves gone awry, the dancing flicker of a slack-joint bedside lamp, and eerie electronics. Six studies in precision: perfectly symmetrical structures that slowly spread their bass-heavy wings, sprawl like digital fungi, shift shape and – paradoxically – seem to drift and to obey the two captains at the helm.

With its meticulously displaced details and intricate harmony layers, “Nocturnes” also evokes the electronic avant-garde of the mid-70s, think Cluster during the band’s Zuckerzeit era. Nocturnes keeps the balance between intense, dramatic metrics and rather complex, modulated melodies. Also nodding to Krzysztof Komeda’s compositions (especially his score for Rosemary’s Baby) and the haunting, uncanny vibes of Raime. “Nocturnes” won’t let you sleep.

01 Claire Obscure / 02 Drift / 03 To Nowhere pt. 1 / 04 To Nowhere pt. 2 / 05 Sternenmeer / 06 Réveil des Oiseaux / 07 Call Mr. Moriba (Bonus Track)