Check The Honeymoon Workbook, the debut LP of Good Willsmith here, available in orange vinyl LP & digital formats. The digital version of 14 Years of Desperate Research is included by free in all the LP and digital purchases of The Honeymoon Workbook available here.

14 Years of Desperate Research documents Good Willsmith‘s live performances from shortly after their formation in 2012. The album’s two sessions showcase the band in a period of dense, metal- and noise-infused drone improvisation, predating their experiments with physical media sampling and extra-textual spoken word elements. “Documents that you don t understand” expands over trails of endless sustain and Max Allison‘s oscillator-derived low-end, conflating Natalie Chami‘s looped vocal mantras and Doug Kaplan‘s piercing guitar shred into a damaged high-end assault. On b-side “No one wants to end up with memory,” Kaplan and Allisonmaintain minutes-long loops of squalling white noise and bass brutality as Chami‘s voice and synth leads weave through the accumulating layers.

1. documents that you don t understand / 2. No-one wants to end up with memory