rvng x umor rex

Umor Rex for Rvng Intl.

We made a mix for our friends at Rvng Intl.‘s, lasting about two hours and encompassing 25 songs. This mix does not include any material published here at Umor Rex Records. This time our intention was to make a little tribute to other labels and artists we admire. Some of the featured tracks were originally published on the labels of some good friends of ours, people who have contributed in different ways to Umor Rex along the path. To all of them, our endless gratitude: Thrill Jockey Records / Morr Music / Immune Recordings / Sonic Pieces / Miasmah / Hausu Mountain / RVNG Intl. / Styles Upon Styles / Numero Group / Ricardo Donoso


Saroos, Mind Over Mirrors, Zelienople, Deaf Center, Steve Hauschildt, James Welburn, Denovali Records | Denovali Festival, Panabrite, ORCAS, Bing & Ruth, Jordan de la Sierra, Jack Tamul, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Thomas Dinger, hobocombo, Moondog, Dictaphone, Moon Ate the Dark, Koen Holtkamp, Eartheater, Stygian Stride, Gut Nose, Common Future, Grasslung (Root Strata), Autechre….