We’re as pleased today, for we have something to announce, and here are the details: “Different Forces” is the name of the album, and Phantom Horse is the name of the Hamburg-based duo that made the album. Ulf Schütte and Niklas Dommaschk, remember those names. They released their self-titled debut on Dekorder back in 2012. Now they’re back, Phantom Horse is back, and they ride with Umor Rex. Phantom Horse rides a polyrhythmic vehicle of German origin. Some folks say the Phantom Horse got said vehicle from Cluster and Harmonia; others say that the ghost of Moondog haunts the vehicle’s radio, and that you can listen to it whistle a lonely melody as the Phantom Horse rides through the windy valley.

We have been working to deliver this record: we’re almost there, October 16’s the date. And it’s coming on vinyl LP. Preorder now with our good friends over at Thrill Jockey (see, we’re all about riding horses here), and make sure you get yourself a copy. Don’t be left out, this is a limited issue of 300 copies, so get to it. You know our ways: the items will be shipped before the release date, or on the release date itself at the latest.

There’s also the digital preorder thing, which is already available through our Bandcamp. You’ll get an email on October 9, with a link to download the full album in the digital format of your choosing.

More Info, details & Preorders here.

Now, maybe you’re a visual-oriented individual. We got you covered. Take a gander at this fine video teaser for “Different Forces”, which uses a fragment of “Amsel Variation”, the track that starts off the album and gets the whole Phantom Horse wagon going.