4 Cassettes_March_2017_Umor Rex

4 new cassettes: Terence Hannum | Missing Organs | Mukqs | Thé Déluge

Shipping Europe from Berlin via anost.net: https://goo.gl/WQgfzb
Shipping from the US via Thrill Jockey Records: https://goo.gl/Dbmju6
Digital formats at https://umorrex.bandcamp.com

Mexico please email to info@umor-rex.org
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Terence Hannum — Impiety
Focusing in almost solely on manipulations of his own voice […] “unholy sacred music”. Taking cues from gospel music and Georgia’s polyphonic singing traditions, Hannum’s voice overlaps and collides with itself in a profane man-machine blend, floating atop minimal synthetic pulses generated from his Elektron Analog Keys. Terence Hannum is the second member of Locrian to join the Umor Rex roster, following drummer Steven Hess’ collaboration with Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) last year.

Missing Organs — Old Speakers
Tristan Bath, a British musician and writer based in Vienna, Austria. Variety of instruments, beats, and techniques, all refined and rewritten […] his Brexit album; a document of the dread, quiet chaos, and bitterness in European society which came to the surface in 2016. Field recordings and improvisations formed the basis of the music, including mountain winds from Upper Austria, a violin furiously scraped on a paranoid evening in South London, rusty ferry engines between Canary Islands, and melodies haphazardly sketched out on lengthy journeys over the continent.

Mukqs — ダメ人間
Mukqs is the solo moniker of Max Allison from Chicago trio Good Willsmith […] Analog rig (four-track tape player, two EHX2880 loop pedals), and recorded the full 40 minute suite in one live take with no overdubs. Aesthetically, Mukqs expands upon his preoccupation with bit soundart into new outer reaches, loading his four-track with a vast array of Korg and Yamaha synth sounds alongside anime vocal snippets culled from YouTube. The sounds are manipulated, looped, layered, and mashed live on the spot, summoning a vast mess of glitches and schizophrenic rhythms. ダメ人間 is divided into two distinct moods of lilting cyber beauty and concrète chaos.

Thé Déluge — Forest structures
New moniker of French musician Vincent Caylet. While Caylet’s previous outings as Cankun were blissful psychedelic sundrenched jam sessions, Forest Structures sees Caylet largely jettison cosmic tropical islands and guitar twang. Thé Déluge deals in moonlit electronics and nocturnal transmission that consistently bleep into each other and overlap. Recorded mostly on analog gear and inspired by both nature and urbanism, Thé Déluge gathers an array of synth pulsations and loops behind a murky veil of analog fuzz for a set of haunted instrumental cycles.